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Showered With Cards and Other Celebrations

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Druck Family History blog. 

A lot has happened since my last post!

I’ve written about this event on my companion blog,, but since this really is part of family history, I thought it deserved a place here, as well – even though I’m a bit late getting it posted!

My brother Ted (real name George!) pours the wine for dinner.

My parents, Ben and Hazel Druck, observed their 70th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, February 8. Yep! That’s right – 70 years together. When filling out an information form for a local newspaper announcement, the question appeared: To what does the couple attribute their long marriage?

Well, I had my opinion, but decided to ask Mom and Dad to discuss the question and let me know their answer. They agreed: their marriage has lasted because they “have always done everything together”  – whether it’s working, dancing, traveling, hunting, or golfing. Until recently,  my mother has been blessed with excellent  health. At 92, Dad has his share of medical issues. But, together they raised five kids, who produced 12 grandchildren, who gave  them  22 great-grandchildren. I’ve written a lot about my parents previously, so I won’t go into their life histories again (for more information check the earlier blogs on this site go to

One of several floral arrangements my parents received for their anniversary.

But, since they are both amazing people, I wanted to honor by parents on this special occasion. Given Dad’s health issues, however, Mom asked that we forego the partying. Instead, she suggested that I ask everyone to send cards – which I did. Cards from all over  the U. S. and even some from overseas arrived to fill their mailbox. They were surprised and amazed by this generous outpouring of love and caring.

The  highlight of their anniversary week for me (I was staying at their house) was actually the night before the celebration date.  Two of my brothers who live nearby and their wives (both of whom are named Linda) joined us for dinner that  evening.  Always ready and willing to feed us, Mom made her “world-renowned” chicken pie, as it’s known in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. In other places people call it “chicken pot-pie.” Whatever you call it, it was absolutely delicious!  We spent a wonderful evening reminiscing and laughing about the “good old days.”  Missing from the group was my only sister, Bobbi (real name Barbara!), and her husband Mike, who were wintering in Arizona; and my brother Phil and his wife, Carol, who live in northern Pennsylvania.

Mom’s in the Kitchen, making chicken pie!

A 70th wedding anniversary is something not many couples achieve. The many  lovely cards (nearly 200) sent by old friends, family, fellow church members, and strangers alike helped create a lasting memory.

Also in February, my sister-in-law mentioned above, Carol Forbes Druck, celebrated a birthday on the 13th. Jenna Renee Druck, daughter of my nephew Benn and his wife Denise, turned  14 on February 17.  And I can’t forget cousin Kathie Gettle Boop, whose birthday was February 11.
Moving on to the month of March – several family members observed special days, one of which was daughter “number one” (meaning she’s the first-born!) – Kristina – who celebrated her birthday on March 13. My sister’s husband, Mike, observed his birthday on March 19, and a day later my hubby Keith observed his natal anniversary. That same day – March 20 – Keith and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary! He gets kidded a lot about having been married on his birthday. The usual remark is that he’ll never forget his anniversary – to which he replies, “Yeh, but I’d like to forget the birthdays.” 
Amanda Jo Nuss, daughter of my niece Jenni Druck Nuss and husband Andrew, turned five years old on March 22, and on the 23rd, my nephew, Tedd Benjamin Druck  and his wife, the former Anne Ruby Miller, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Congratulations! Only 50 years to go, kids,  and you’ll  match Mam-maw and Pap-paw’s record!
And the biggest news of all – today, March 29, as I write this,  my younger granddaughter, Morgan Cassidy Geesey,  turned sweet sixteen! Morgan is the daughter of my son Brian Geesey and his wife, the former Diane Myers.
In other news, Morgan’s brother Joshua appears  in a Lafayette College publication honoring a fellow debating team member ( And my older granddaughter, Brigitta Kiessling, was an honorable mention winner in the WITF Central Pennsylvania Magazine writing contest (Girl’s Song” – 2011 Central PA Writing Contest Winner – Congratulations to both grandkids! We’re all proud of you!
Our clan had the most members present at the 2010 Druck Family Reunion. In back row, left to right are: Brigitta, Morgan, Joshua (wearing hat). Jenna is seated front row, second from left.
 Congratulations to everyone who recently celebrated a birthday or anniversary! I’m sure there are many other birthdays and anniversaries in our extended family during February and March, but I’ll have to post them next time. Also, I’ll gather up the ones I missed in January.

So, please stop again soon. Thanks for visiting my blog. 

Celebrating Ben and Hazel's 70th Anniversary!




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“Two Rooms: One Up, One Down”

Stop the Press! Strike Up The Band! Call Out the Militia!

 This event will go down in history. Not many couples celebrate a 70th wedding anniversary! But my parents, Benjamin E. and Hazel K. Bentz Druck will do just that on February 8, 2011.

That’s right. They were married on a snowy Saturday afternoon in Towson, Maryland. Clifford Richmond, a Minister of the Gospel, pronounced them man and wife. The 17-year-old bride  wore a blue dress with a matching jacket. She had bought it especially for the occasion. The groom, 22, wore a suit and tie.

A handsome young couple! Not Ben and Hazel's wedding photo, but taken a few years later, possibly 1943 or 1944.

On their way home, the newlyweds stopped to make their first purchase together. “We bought a suitcase,” recalls my dad. “We paid 75 cents for the suitcase.”

Ben and Hazel had met while enjoying a favorite pastime: roller skating. Their friendship blossomed. And then one day, Ben came courting in his 1934 Ford.

Hazel lived with her mother, Martha “Mattie” Bentz, and sister “Mots” on a farm in York Township, Pennsylvania. In the waning years of the Great Depression, Hazel, Mots, and Mattie eked out a living by raising vegetables, which they took to the City of York to sell. Mots drove the car. Hazel stayed home and tended the animals or worked in the fields.

When Ben came by to ask her out, Hazel – now 87 years old – was helping thresh wheat. She was covered with brown dust. “But it didn’t scare him away,” she said of her future husband. 

The roller-rink romance led to something more serious. “We fell in love like most young couples do,” Ben says, “and the next thing you know we were getting married.” It wasn’t a big wedding. “In those days,” explained the 92-year-old great-grandfather,  “you hunted up a preacher or Justice of the Peace, and you got married.” 

Ben and his Ford!

What a hat!

The young couple moved into their first home: a renovated “nice little summer house” on Mattie’s farm.

“It wasn’t much of a house compared to what people have today,” said Ben, who had grown up on a small farm, “but it was a way of getting started.”

“It had two rooms,” recalls my mom, “one up, one down; toilet outside.”

Ben and Hazel have come a long way since those early days; I’ve written often of their progress and success. I’m proud of them both.

From their first two-room home, they eventually moved to a 40-acre farm, where they lived for 30 years and raised five children, along with thousands of chickens that produced thousands of dozens of eggs! Possibly millions. We all shared the farm work, but my dad always held a full-time job too.  He’s a hard-working, self-educated man.

Mom feeds Dad a slice of cake during their 25th anniversary party.

Our growing family in the living room of the old farm house.

During World War II, Dad sweated long hours in a hot, dirty foundry, making bombs. He next took a job as a carpenter. Several years later he was working as an overhead garage door salesman and the department manager.

In late 1969, he started his own business, and Ben Druck Door Company is still going strong. Now Ben’s grandsons own and operate the successful, well-known area business. The company is thriving and has an excellent reputation (see

 During the later years of their marriage, Ben and Hazel enjoyed hunting together, especially out West, where they pursued deer and antelope. They’ve also traveled to several other areas of the world, including Hawaii, Alaska, South America, Trinidad, and the southern United States. In his younger days, Ben became involved with the Dallastown Lions Club, serving a term as president in 1973-74.

Another highlight of my parents’ lives was square dancing. They started hoofing it up in September 1979, dancing their way around the country for 12 years. They had to hang up their western attire only when Dad could no longer hear the caller, and the fast pace became a bit too strenuous for him.

“We square-danced in the northernmost square dance club in Alaska,” recalled my father. “We also danced in Florida, and every place in between.”

They danced their way around the country!

When they quit square dancing, they took up golfing. They began the sport in 1989, while living in Florida, where they had bought a doublewide home. They no longer go south for the winter, though, and Ben has given up golf. Hazel, however, continues to take to the greens weekly throughout the season, despite some recent nagging shoulder and back problems.

Incredibly, she still takes care of their large lawn, tends dozens of flowering plants in her garden, and bakes bushels of Christmas goodies. When she needs a break, she’s usually working on a cross-stitch piece, reading, or doing a crossword puzzle.

Since Dad can’t get around the way he once did, he reads a lot, especially inspirational pieces, and watches TV – although often he can’t hear what’s being said!

Ben and Hazel are both truly amazing. Neither was born with a “silver spoon” in their mouth. Both suffered hardships growing up. Not only did they live through the Great Depression, they both endured what today would be called a “dysfunction” family life. In the early years of their marriage, they struggled to make ends meet, as most young couples did. But they persevered and have lived a full life, with many good memories. Although they both had only eighth grade educations, Dad became a successful business owner. It took lots of hard work and dedication, and Mom was always by his side.

Dad in 1981 at age 63.

To what do they attribute their long marriage? Ben and Hazel agree that it’s because they’ve “always done everything together,” whether it’s working, dancing, traveling, hunting, or golfing.

Together they raised five kids, who produced 12 grandchildren,  who have given Ben and Hazel 22 great-grandchildren. They also have a step-granddaughter whom they first met in 1981.

I’d like to throw a big bash to honor my parents on this special occasion. But given Dad’s health issues, Mom thought we should forgo the partying. She suggested that I ask everyone to send cards instead. Dad loves to get cards in the mail. So that’s the plan. I hope everyone reading this – even if you don’t know them – will send a congratulatory note to:  

  Ben and Hazel Druck, 392 Sparton Rd., York, PA 17403.

Mark your calendars now, so the card arrives in time for the big day. But, even if it’s late, I’m sure they won’t mind!




Still going strong after 70 years of togetherness!!

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Welcome to my blog about our Druck family history. Sorry, I haven’t posted anything new lately. But don’t let that stop you from visiting. I’ll be posting important news in just a little while.

So, please don’t go away….come back to see what all the excitement is about.

Besides the news of a very important anniversary, future topics include: 50 years of wrestling; what happened to Millie Mouse, and what’s the difference between being alone and being lonely?

My maternal grandmother, Martha Ellen Dentler Bentz, known as "Mim"

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Missing in Action?

Hello, and welcome to the Druck Family History Blog.  Sorry, there’s no news here at the moment.

My brother-in-law Randy, who’s living in the middle of South America somewhere on a boat with his wife, Pat,  (  recently sent an email asking if everything here was all right. He mentioned that it’s been a while since he’s seen any new postings here.  And he’s right! There are many reasons for that.

One is that I’ve started keeping my personal journal on another site, I’ll get back to this one (which I’ve decided to dedicate solely to family history information)  as soon as I find a spare moment in my day – or night!

I apologize to all the October family birthday and anniversary celebrants, but I’ll get them listed soon. Of particular interest  is the story of my dad, who turned 92 years old  on September 14.  He’s every bit as amazing as my mother, and since  I devoted a post to her on her recent birthday, I’d better do likewise for Dad!

Meanwhile, if you need any family history information, please write to me at, or find me on Facebook.

And if you’d like to find out why You Can’t Go Home Again – click on this link:

Thanks for visiting and stop by again soon!

Belated Birthday Wishes to my Dad, who turned 92 years old on September 14.

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Birthday and Anniversary Wishes


My mom, Hazel Bentz Druck





If you had to guess how old my mom will be on her birthday, you’d probably get it wrong!      



What can I say about her that I haven’t already written somewhere in this blog?        

I can sum it up in one line: She’s an incredible woman.         

On Saturday, September 4, 2010, Hazel Bentz Druck celebrates her 87th birthday – and she’s still going strong.          

I’m the oldest of five kids my parents raised on a 40-acre farm in York Township, York County, Pa., where they also raised thousands of chickens, which laid thousands and thousands of eggs.        

It was not an easy life; Mom and Dad both worked hard. Eventually Dad started his own garage-door company, and my parents gave up raising chickens and eggs. For a while Mom worked in the cafeteria at the Dallastown Area High School.         

Me with my Aunt Martha (right) and my mom during a recent visit to York County.



Despite some recent nagging shoulder and back problems, she continues to golf regularly throughout the season. She remains in good health, and her energy and enthusiasm are boundless.        

Happy 87th Birthday to a truly amazing woman!       

 Also celebrating a birthday soon is my granddaughter Brigitta Kiessling, who was born on her great-grandmother’s birthday, September 4. You’ll soon hear more about my dad, Benjamin E. Druck, who’ll celebrate his 92nd birthday on September 14, 2010.       

In the meantime, other family members observing birthdays this month are: Sept.  2 –Warren Gregory Boop; Sept. 8 – Robert Lee Sterling Druck and Jonathan P. LaPorta; Sept. 15 – Larry Dennis Sechrist; Sept. 17 – Charles Russell “Rusty”  Wilson and Amanda J. Druck; Sept. 18Tammie Sue DruckSept. 19 Eileen M. Goodling Druck;  Sept. 24 – Jesse Ryan Druck and Jared A. Burger; Sept. 25 – Kenneth Lester Kreidler; Sept. 26 –  Rae Catherine Burger Gettle; Sept. 27 – Jenni Lynn McWilliams; and Sept.  28 – Ronald LeVere Druck      

Wishing you all a happy birthday and may you have many, many more!       

Family anniversaries this month are:       

Anthony Allen Shaw and Rhonda Denise Wilson – 6 Sept 1981       

Guy M. Shaw and Patricia Ann Druck – 12 Sept 1992       

Benn Anthony Druck and Denise Rhonel Diemer – 12 Sept 1992       

Daniel Hunt and Katie Rebecca Sechrist – 14 Sept  2007       

Jeffrey Lynn Burger and Anne Louise Wagman – 30 Sept 1978       

Happy Anniversary to all the celebrants!        

Thanks for visiting my family history blogsite. Please stop and visit again soon.  And leave your comments, if you’d like.         

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In Memoriam: Robert E. Sellen, Sr.

Sincere Sympathy to Libby Wilson Sellen and her family    

I didn’t know Bob Sellen very well. Actually, I didn’t know him at all. But he came to our first George Druck family reunion in the summer of 2009 with his wife, my cousin Libby, and other family members. Having read his obituary last week, I now know why he came to meet lots of people he had never seen before. That’s the kind of person Bob was.    

Several months ago, when I asked Libby if they would be attending this summer’s reunion, she wrote back to say they couldn’t make it: that Bob, a life long resident of Woodbury, New Jersey, was suffering from terminal cancer. He was in a lot of pain.    

“Right now he is the first priority,” wrote Libby.    

I replied that I’d add him to my prayer list. That was on July 3. The reunion came and went. On August 23, 2010, Bob Sellen died at his home, at the age of 86.    

Libby’s grandmother, Elenora Edith Druck, and my grandfather, George Benjamin Druck are brother and sister; so Libby and I share the same great-grandfather, George W. “Wash” Druck.    

Elizabeth “Libby” Anne Wilson and Robert Edward “Bob” Sellen, Sr., were married on June 22, 1984, at Central Baptist Church, Woodbury, Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Both Libby and Bob had each been married previously.    

After working for 26 years as Assistant Supervisor in Mobil Oil Corporation Accounting Department, Bob started R.E. Sellen Public Accountants in 1971. He continued to work in his home office until retiring just several years ago.     

As a high school senior, Bob enlisted in the US Army days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He left Woodbury for boot camp in early January 1942 and returned in June as an Army Corporal to graduate in uniform with the Woodbury High School class of 1942. He served five years active duty during WWII and again as an Active Army Reservist, from 1960 to 1961 during the Berlin Wall Crisis. It was during this period that he was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer II and was assigned as Personnel Officer of the 82nd Airborne stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In addition to his active duty service, he served 18 years in the US Army Reserves and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer III.    

Best known for his smile, his sense of humor, and for always having time to listen and a shoulder cry on, Bob found it difficult to say no and was always willing to volunteer his time and services.    

Prior to becoming an active member of Kemble Memorial United Methodist Church, Bob also served on many boards and committees at the Central Baptist Church; he was very involved with county and state accounting associations, a Boy Scout volunteer, and loved to entertain friends and family by playing the organ. As a teenager, he played drums professionally.    

Bob was predeceased by his first wife, “Bunny,” who died of cancer in 1983. In addition to Libby, Bob is survived by two sons: Robert E. Jr., and his wife, Corrin; and L. Scott, and his wife, Carolyn; by step-son David MacGibeny and his wife Lisa; step-daughter Jodie Richeal and her husband Michael; two grandchildren: Elizabeth and Aaron Sellen; and six step-grandchildren: Lauren Greer; Marlena and Patrick Richeal; and Collin, Emily and Julia MacGibeny.    


Kathie Gettle Boop identifies members of her family and Libby’s relatives in this photo, taken at last year’s Druck family reunion, as follows: “Left to right, back row: Libby’s son, David MacGibeny and his wife Lisa; Anthony Shaw and wife Rhonda Wilson (there is a head between them at the pole that I am guessing is Rhonda’s mother (Alta Wilson); next in the background is Sharon Kreidler Leiphart Bennett; back to beside Rhonda are Lisa and David’s two daughters Emily MacGibeny and Julia MacGibeny; then to the way back is Bob Sellen, Rusty Wilson, and Libby Wilson MacGibeny Sellen; beside Julia and Kathie Gettle Boop are Jodie’s twins Patrick and Lanie Richeal; in front of Kathie is Jodie MacGibeny Richeal; seated in front are Kathie’s patents, Jim Gettle, and Rae Catherine Burger Gettle.”    


Libby Wilson Sellen, Hazel Bentz Druck, Rae Burger Gettle at the Druck Family Reunion in summer 2009.


Those who knew Bob well, and even recent acquaintances, will miss his fun-loving spirit, his gentle guidance, and his loving heart. Nobody left his presence without a smile on his or her face. He was a gentleman and a gentle man.    

Visitation was Monday, August 20, from 10:00 a.m. until the funeral service at 11:00 a.m. at the Kemble Memorial United Methodist Church. Bob was buried with military honors, in Eglington Cemetery.    

Our sincere sympathies to Libby and her family and to all of Bob’s family.    

Note: Most of the above information is from Bob’s obituary published in Gloucester County Times on August 26, 2010. For the complete obituary, go to this link: 

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More Birthday Wishes

Just wanted to add the name of another Druck to the list of August birthdays!    

Peggy Sue Dalton Druck, of Louisville, KY, celebrated her big day on Saturday, August 28, when she turned 52 years young. Peggy is married to Timothy Eugene Druck, and I believe we’re related somehow. We just haven’t figured out the connection yet. Peggy’s been very helpful since we met online, diligently digging up family history information for me about the Drucks in Ohio and Kentucky. Like me, she too is a Virgo!    

Birthday wishes a day late to Peggy. May you be blessed with many more.    

If I’ve missed your birthday or anniversary, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’d love to hear from you. And thanks for helping to preserve our family history.    

This is my young-looking mom! Her Birthday is Coming Up on September 4. Guess How Old (Young) She'll Be!


On a sadder note, I just learned of the death earlier this week  of a cousin’s spouse; hopefully, I’ll get that information posted shortly.

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