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A lot has happened since my last post!

I’ve written about this event on my companion blog,, but since this really is part of family history, I thought it deserved a place here, as well – even though I’m a bit late getting it posted!

My brother Ted (real name George!) pours the wine for dinner.

My parents, Ben and Hazel Druck, observed their 70th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, February 8. Yep! That’s right – 70 years together. When filling out an information form for a local newspaper announcement, the question appeared: To what does the couple attribute their long marriage?

Well, I had my opinion, but decided to ask Mom and Dad to discuss the question and let me know their answer. They agreed: their marriage has lasted because they “have always done everything together”  – whether it’s working, dancing, traveling, hunting, or golfing. Until recently,  my mother has been blessed with excellent  health. At 92, Dad has his share of medical issues. But, together they raised five kids, who produced 12 grandchildren, who gave  them  22 great-grandchildren. I’ve written a lot about my parents previously, so I won’t go into their life histories again (for more information check the earlier blogs on this site go to

One of several floral arrangements my parents received for their anniversary.

But, since they are both amazing people, I wanted to honor by parents on this special occasion. Given Dad’s health issues, however, Mom asked that we forego the partying. Instead, she suggested that I ask everyone to send cards – which I did. Cards from all over  the U. S. and even some from overseas arrived to fill their mailbox. They were surprised and amazed by this generous outpouring of love and caring.

The  highlight of their anniversary week for me (I was staying at their house) was actually the night before the celebration date.  Two of my brothers who live nearby and their wives (both of whom are named Linda) joined us for dinner that  evening.  Always ready and willing to feed us, Mom made her “world-renowned” chicken pie, as it’s known in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. In other places people call it “chicken pot-pie.” Whatever you call it, it was absolutely delicious!  We spent a wonderful evening reminiscing and laughing about the “good old days.”  Missing from the group was my only sister, Bobbi (real name Barbara!), and her husband Mike, who were wintering in Arizona; and my brother Phil and his wife, Carol, who live in northern Pennsylvania.

Mom’s in the Kitchen, making chicken pie!

A 70th wedding anniversary is something not many couples achieve. The many  lovely cards (nearly 200) sent by old friends, family, fellow church members, and strangers alike helped create a lasting memory.

Also in February, my sister-in-law mentioned above, Carol Forbes Druck, celebrated a birthday on the 13th. Jenna Renee Druck, daughter of my nephew Benn and his wife Denise, turned  14 on February 17.  And I can’t forget cousin Kathie Gettle Boop, whose birthday was February 11.
Moving on to the month of March – several family members observed special days, one of which was daughter “number one” (meaning she’s the first-born!) – Kristina – who celebrated her birthday on March 13. My sister’s husband, Mike, observed his birthday on March 19, and a day later my hubby Keith observed his natal anniversary. That same day – March 20 – Keith and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary! He gets kidded a lot about having been married on his birthday. The usual remark is that he’ll never forget his anniversary – to which he replies, “Yeh, but I’d like to forget the birthdays.” 
Amanda Jo Nuss, daughter of my niece Jenni Druck Nuss and husband Andrew, turned five years old on March 22, and on the 23rd, my nephew, Tedd Benjamin Druck  and his wife, the former Anne Ruby Miller, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Congratulations! Only 50 years to go, kids,  and you’ll  match Mam-maw and Pap-paw’s record!
And the biggest news of all – today, March 29, as I write this,  my younger granddaughter, Morgan Cassidy Geesey,  turned sweet sixteen! Morgan is the daughter of my son Brian Geesey and his wife, the former Diane Myers.
In other news, Morgan’s brother Joshua appears  in a Lafayette College publication honoring a fellow debating team member ( And my older granddaughter, Brigitta Kiessling, was an honorable mention winner in the WITF Central Pennsylvania Magazine writing contest (Girl’s Song” – 2011 Central PA Writing Contest Winner – Congratulations to both grandkids! We’re all proud of you!
Our clan had the most members present at the 2010 Druck Family Reunion. In back row, left to right are: Brigitta, Morgan, Joshua (wearing hat). Jenna is seated front row, second from left.
 Congratulations to everyone who recently celebrated a birthday or anniversary! I’m sure there are many other birthdays and anniversaries in our extended family during February and March, but I’ll have to post them next time. Also, I’ll gather up the ones I missed in January.

So, please stop again soon. Thanks for visiting my blog. 

Celebrating Ben and Hazel's 70th Anniversary!




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