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Hi everyone! Welcome to my Druck Family History weblog.  

The second George Druck Family Reunion took place Sunday, July 25, in the picnic grove of Salem Lutheran Church, Jacobus, Springfield Township, York County, Pennsylvania, with about 53 people of all ages attending.  


The morning started out bright and sunny, but in the midst of the sweltering afternoon heat, a terrific thunderstorm struck. No damage was done, but unfortunately, everyone seemed to want to leave long before closing time. Nevertheless, a lot took place. Many prizes were awarded, and I actually got to talk to a few more relatives this year than last. We also had some new folks join us for the event. The food, of course, was plentiful, and all of it very delicious. Thanks to everyone for bringing all those goodies!  

During our business meeting, we decided that we would hold another reunion next summer. There had been some mention that it would be better to hold a family gathering only every two or three years. But it was determined that there will be another one next year. We’ll publicize the fact that a vote will be taken on how often to meet, so next year’s attendees will make the decision on how often we should hold the reunion in the future.  

NEW OFFICERS: Former vice-president Rhonda Wilson Shaw has agreed to serve as the new  President; Eileen Marie Druck will take over as the new Vice-President. Graciously consenting to continue as Secretary is Kathie Gettle Boop, and George T. “Ted” Druck as Treasurer. Thanks so much to the new officers and the previous ones for consenting to serve, thus helping to  preserve our family history!  

Congratulations to Donald and Mildred Druck, Glen Rock. They received the  award for the longest married couple in attendance. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how long they’ve been married, but as soon as our secretary returns from vacation and sends me her notes, I’ll post that information. Donald was also – if memory serves me correctly – the oldest family member attending.  

Donald and Mildred Druck


The award for the family with the most members present was won by the Ben and Hazel Druck (my own) family for the second year in a row! Those traveling the farthest this year were yours truly and hubby, who drove about 350 miles from central New York state.  And the youngest in attendance was Jack Anthony Druck, son of my nephew Tony and his wife Wendy. Jack wasn’t at last year’s reunion, as he was  born just a few days earlier!  

I’ll be posting more photos and information soon. But meantime, just wanted to say thanks so much to everyone who came out on such a hot summer day. And a special thanks for all those who helped in any way, especially my sister, my mom, and my aunt, who took over kitchen duties. Many thanks, also, to my brother Ted for helping to organize everything;  to Amy Druck and Denise Druck for helping with the kids’ games, and to Kathie Gettle Boop for all her hard work on the Heritage Auction. Thanks also to my grandkids, Brigitta, Josh, and Morgan, for helping at the registration table. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. Sorry if I did, but please know that I’m grateful to each and every one of you for all your support.  

More news coming! Please stop by again soon!


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